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Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Most people understand that, which is why studies have shown that Americans spent over $1.4 billion on whitening products for their teeth in 2015. These whitening products include both dentist-recommended custom whitening trays and over-the-counter whitening products. This just goes to show that there’s a massive need for at-home whitening.

However, most people are going about it incorrectly. The market is saturated with whitening products but most of them are ineffective or even potentially dangerous. Some of them use harsh chemicals that can adversely impact your teeth and enamel. Some whitening products only seek to scrub the surface of your teeth, but they’re ineffective at that as well. Furthermore, your teeth may appear discolored for several reasons other than surface stains — that’s why it’s crucial to consult a dentist before trying at-home whitening products.

At Sun Ridge Smiles, our dentists will carefully examine your teeth and determine the root cause of your discoloration and yellowed teeth. Based on our diagnosis, we’ll provide at-home whitening options that are actually suitable for you and your teeth. Please continue reading for a detailed discussion of at-home whitening.

What is Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening?

Professional at-home teeth whitening is the use of dentist-recommended custom whitening trays for the purpose of teeth whitening. Your dentist will examine your teeth and then create a set of whitening trays and provide a whitening gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This makes professional at-home teeth whitening a lot more effective than over-the-counter whitening.

The custom-fitted dental trays provided by dentists make sure that the whitening gel stays on the surface of your teeth for a longer duration. They also protect your gums from the gel and they prevent saliva interference from diluting the whitening gel. This ensures that the at-home whitening procedure carries on perfectly and you see results within two weeks.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Procedure

The following are the steps involved in the at-home teeth whitening procedure:

  • During your initial consultation, the dentist will take impressions and a mold of your mouth so they can manufacture a custom dental tray for you. Using these custom whitening trays is the only way to ensure the whitening gel stays in place and doesn’t reach your gums. The dental trays will be ready in one to two weeks.
  • The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and record your current shade so it can be compared to the final results later.
  • After the dental tray is prepared, you’ll have to go to the dentist again so they can demonstrate how to use the whitening trays.

  • Before applying the whitening trays, it’s necessary to brush and floss thoroughly.
  • You’ll have to wear the whitening trays for at least one hour every day for the coming two weeks. You may also be given whitening trays that you can wear all night long.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, or eating either during or for 30 minutes after applying the whitening trays.
  • After two weeks, you’ll return to the dentist so they can track the progress and determine if more whitening gel is necessary.

At-Home Whitening Q&A

One of the best at-home teeth whitening kit is the one prescribed and provided by your dentist. The over-the-counter whitening kits you find are generally ineffective and they may also contain harsh chemicals. Furthermore, the whitening kit provided by the dentist is custom-made to fit into the contours of your mouth so they whiten your teeth perfectly within a short period.

There are lots of different types of at-home teeth whitening products available — abrasive toothpaste, whitening trays, whitening strips, and brush-on whitening. While all of them have different properties, custom-made dental trays are generally considered to be the most effective. You have to apply the whitening gel on the trays and wear them on your teeth. The trays conform to the shape of your teeth and prevent saliva intervention, ensuring the whitening procedure is effective and quick.

Consult your dentist to find out how long the whitening procedure will take. The amount of time depends on several factors — the type of stains you have, the intensity of stains, the type of whitening product you use, and how religiously you go through with the whitening procedure. If you have surface stains on your enamel, effective professional at-home teeth whitening will be able to remove them within a week or two. However, if you have deeper intrinsic stains, the dentist may have to discuss alternative options.

If you want to avoid destroying your enamel in the process of whitening your teeth, you must visit a reputable dentist. Over-the-counter whitening products on the market may contain harsh chemicals that can damage your enamel. So schedule an appointment with your local dentist for an effective solution to teeth whitening.


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Sun Ridge Smiles has some of the country’s best cosmetic dentists who can provide effective teeth whitening solutions. We carefully examine your teeth to determine the right course of action. If you opt for at-home whitening, we take a mold of your teeth to prepare a suitable dental tray and we show you exactly how you can whiten your teeth within two weeks. For more information, please schedule your at-home whitening appointment today.