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Lumineers are a type of veneers made from porcelain (a type of ceramic material) that carry out the traditional veneer functions of concealing dental imperfections, enhancing teeth shade making your teeth whiter, and properly aligning your teeth or adding length to short teeth, but additionally the durability of Lumineers than conventional veneers set them apart. Lumineers have become a revolution of sorts in the cosmetic dentistry field. Veneers are thicker than lumineers as lumineers are ultra-thin with a thickness put at 0.02 mm. Lumineers are so thin that reduction of the natural tooth is very minimal or even totally absent when they are to be fixed, unlike in the case of veneers where there is usually a major tooth reduction because of its thickness. Lumineers are also very translucent and this is what makes it give the tooth enamel a very natural looking appearance. Lumineers last longer than veneers as they resist wear and remain stable because they have been designed to last for decades.

Lumineers work in a number of ways such as providing a covering for gaps, stains or crooked teeth fixation which spoils teeth appearance. Also with lumineers, the need to use braces for aesthetic purposes is practically nonexistent because lumineers can be used to fill gaps and also lengthen teeth. If you simply want to make your teeth shine brighter for a really long time in a natural-looking way, then lumineers can be applied.

Procedure for Fixing Lumineers

It all begins on your first visit where your dentist will make an accurate mold of your teeth. Then your dentist will now, along with you, of course, arrive at the conclusion of the proper shade of white that will work best for you. After this first visit, your mold will be sent off to the lab by your dentist so that your bespoke, customized Lumineers to be made. There is actually no need to use anything temporary. The moment that your custom made Lumineers is delivered to your dentist, they will be assessed for the shade and also if they are a fit. On your second visit, your Lumineers will be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth in only two easy visits without pain, as they are applied without any shots or any form of drilling into your sensitive tooth structure. So in just only two easy visits, you will have a brand new enchanting and brilliant smile.

Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration

Benefits of Using Lumineers

Lumineers have been in existence for about 30 years now and is currently being recommended for use by over 13,000 dentists within the country. Also, over a million units of Lumineers have been placed, with a lot of celebrities and high ranking persons employing their use over the years to give their smile a totally natural-looking makeover. This is because there are a good number of benefits that come from using Lumineers, some of them are listed below.

  • You Can Eat What You Want – Since Lumineers are applied in a very durable way, there are no fears to be entertained with regards to the type of food you wish to eat or the type of beverage you wish to consume. You can chew on anything at all with Lumineers including sticky foods and gum. Caution is, however, to be taken to ensure that good oral hygiene practices are still to be observed, including a visit to your dentist every 6 months for a routine check-up and cleaning of the Lumineers to further enhance your smile.
  • Can Be Removed – The Lumineers are completely reversible and as such, can be taken off with ease. Due to the fact that in most cases of application of Lumineers there is no reduction of tooth structure, in the event of their removal, your teeth will still come off looking strong and intact.
  • Can Serve As a Replacement For Braces – Yes, that’s right. If you are not too keen on using braces because you feel they are not convenient or are unsightly and that even the whole process can be so time-consuming, then you can settle for Lumineers. You will, however, need to have a productive discussion with your dentist so they can carefully make an evaluation of your case and then make a decision on if braces will definitely be required or not. If your case is not deemed too serious then your teeth can be reshaped with the use of Lumineers to give them a more uniform and straight appearance. And not just that, they can also give you a full white straight smile which is something braces cannot do for you.
  • Lumineers Are Long Lasting – People always wonder about the durability of Lumineers are. Well, it has been proven through clinical testing that Lumineers can last for a very long time in most cases lasting for over 20 years. They are resistant and remain resilient for that long. This is an excellent reason to choose Lumineers over veneers.
  • The Procedure is Fast and Painless – As stated earlier the whole process can be wrapped up in just 2 visits so your time cannot be wasted. Also, you should have it at the back of your mind that the procedure for fixing Lumineers is totally free from pain and is a great way to make your teeth white permanently and also to reshape your teeth. Also, the moment that the procedure has been completed, you are rest assured that there would be no such thing as discomfort after placement or sensitivity or anything else. What this means for you is that you will begin to reap the benefits of a natural appearance and comfort right from the moment that the Lumineers are placed without stress.


What To Know From Your Dentist

When trying to make a choice of the dentist to help fix your Lumineers for you, it is important that you ask certain questions to ascertain their competence for your overall safety.

  • You need to make inquiries about their experience level. Ask how many cases they have handled within the past year. You can also ask to see for yourself.
  • You need to make certain of the type of material that will be employed in your case. This will avoid future misunderstandings.
  • It is also a great idea to inquire of the costs and other payment options so you can fit it to your budget.