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Common Issues And Fixes For Dentures

1. Denture Flange Is Too long or Short

The length of the flange extension determines how well the denture stays as well as the comfort deep in the vestibule of the gum. If its too long or too short, the denture will have low retention, and may cause pain.

Solution- Denture Adjustment, reline

Cone Beam CT

Denture Flange

2. Denture Rocks Around Too Much

If your denture is rocking around, it most likely indicate that the intaglio (inside surface) of the denture is not fitting correctly. Other possibility is that the denture is too old and worn out, thus the inside doesn’t fit anymore.

Solution- Denture glue, Adjustments, reline, or remake.

CT Picture

Inside Surface of Denture

3. Cannot chew or talk well

If after the flange and the intaglio of the denture is adjusted and issues still persists, usually checking and making sure the denture is biting correctly, as well checking the thickness of the denture is needed. There are a certain percentage of people who can never get used to dentures, at which point implants should be considered.

Solution- Occlusal adjustment, adjust thickness of denture, remake denture, implants.

CT Picture

Inside Surface of Denture

Why getting yours denture checked is important?

Denture fit is very important to your overall health. A well-fitting and retentive denture can help improve nutritional intake as well as mental health by improving your overall looks. Look at a before and after case at Sun Ridge Smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Dentures

Does Insurance or Medicare Covers Dentures?

A lot of insurances, including medicare plans, can have a dental component that you can add on to help cover the cost of dentures. Some common Medicare insurance include United Health Care, Liberty, and Cigna Health Springs.

How long does it take to do a denture?

Making a well fitting denture takes about 4 appointments. After the denture is delivered, multiple adjustment visits is often necessary. Typically from start to finish a case takes about 3 months.

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