Gingivectomy Procedure In El Paso, Tx

Sometimes patient may notice they have a “gummy” smile. There are different solutions to this depending on your situation.

gingivectomy procedure

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Gingivectomy Procedure

A gummy appearance can be caused by several different things such as ratio of your gum relative to your teeth length, how worn your teeth are, as well as your skeletal shape, etc . Different issues requires different solutions.

If the ratio of your gum relative to your teeth is too long, the solution is either to make the teeth longer, or the gum shorter. The dentist will evaluate your teeth and gum carefully and determine the correct strategy. If the gum is deemed excessive, a gingivectomy is performed to reduce the length of the gum thus enhancing your beautiful smile.

Revitalize Your Gums with our Gingivectomy Services

Breathe new life into your oral health with our Gingivectomy services, a specialized procedure designed to combat gum disease and restore gum health. With our experienced team, we’re not just treating symptoms – we’re enhancing your smile, improving your wellbeing, and empowering you to make every interaction count with renewed confidence.

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