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Emergency Dentist Near Me

How many of us have tumbled down the stairs mid-stride or walked straight into a painfully transparent glass door, face-first? Through our daily experiences, we can conclude that accidents happen, regardless of what you or the other person (or the glass door) does.

Even more common are dental accidents. Did you know that almost 2.1 million ED dental visits occur in the United States each year? This whopping number may instill dread, but you always have an emergency dentist near you to help you overcome this battle!

With dental emergencies waiting patiently around the corner, it is wise to take up some helpful tips to make injuries a less troublesome experience!

What Procedures Do You Do At Sun Ridge Smiles?

Our experienced dentist at Sun Ridge Smiles can do a lot of procedures! We only refer out the most difficult cases.

Some services we offer: Surgical Extractionsroot canalsCrowns and bridges.

Who do you call for a dental emergency?

When you’re dealing with a dental emergency, contacting your dentist should be your first course of action. According to American Family Physician, about 22% of people have experienced dental or oral pain in the last six months. However, not every one of these dental issues is an emergency.

To help determine if you can, in fact, wait to be seen by your dentist the next day or if you need to take a quick night trip to the Emergency Room, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Reason for seeing dentist: Are you in severe pain?

Severe pain and bleeding are signs of an emergency. If you experience pain when you bite down, it could mean a cracked or eroded tooth. On the other hand, it could also mean widespread infection.

If you’re experiencing severe pain, contact an ER immediately.

Reason for Emergency dentist: Have you lost a tooth?

Knocked-out teeth or chipped teeth as a result of contact sports accidents or bar fights can also be an emergency. If your tooth gets knocked out, refrain from touching the root. Thoroughly clean the tooth with water and place it in a medium like milk to transport it to the dentist.

According to the American Association of Endodontists, working quickly can potentially help save a tooth.

Reason for Emergency dentist: Do you have loose teeth?

It is not normal for adult teeth to loosen. A loose tooth, without pain, can be a sign of a serious problem. Similarly, teeth that are sensitive to extreme temperatures can also indicate a much more gruesome source.

Contact your emergency dentist if you have a loose tooth, sensitive teeth, or lost fillings.

Reason for Emergency dentist: Do you have an infection?

Notice any swelling, pus formation, or throbbing pain? It could be a sign of an infection such as an abscess in your mouth. An abscess looks like a pimple on the gum, appearing yellow, red, or whitish. This is a red flag that your tooth root has developed an infection.

Abscesses can even be life-threatening and so, treatment should not wait.

Reason for Emergency dentist: Are you bleeding from the mouth?

A little pink in the sink should not be taken so lightly. Bleeding from your oral cavity either during brushing, flossing, or eating is an early sign of gum disease or gingivitis. However, severe unprecedented bleeding can potentially be a sign of a dental emergency.

Keep your head elevated and call your dentist right away!

Dental emergencies can manifest in a multitude of different ways. If you experience any dental trauma, it is always a good decision to see a dentist immediately to confirm or refute the chances of oral disease. Contact an emergency dentist near you and save yourself from further pain and suffering!

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