No Insurance Dentist Near Me in El Paso TX

If you are googling for no insurance dentist near me in El Paso, Texas, look no further than Sun Ridge Smiles. We strive to provide quality dentistry at an affordable price, whether you have dental insurance or not.

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You Don't Have insurance but need a Dentist?

Here are the most common questions we get at our dental office from patients without dental insurance

We often run new patient exam ALL INCLUSIVE FEE specials that includes all costs associated with the exam (ALL x-rays, clinical exam, gum exam), and there are no additional surprise fees. To know our current new patient exam special, please Call us or Contact Us. It is very important to get the exam first so you know exactly what you need.

At Sun Ridge Smiles, we do most procedures in house, saving you time and money. For a comprehensive list of procedures we do, please click here.

We see patients from all walks of life. Our dental office was founded with a goal to provide affordable quality dentistry to anyone who values their oral health. We welcome patient of all ages, with or without insurance.

Here is the price range for the most common dental procedures

  • Regular cleaning Cost: $120-150
  • Fillings Cost: $80-200
  • Simple Extractions Cost: $100-200
  • Surgical Extractions Cost: $150-250
  • Wisdom tooth extractions Cost: $300-450
  • Front tooth Root Canal Cost: $750-900
  • Back tooth root canal cost: $900-1400

The price depends on the complexity of the procedure as well as whether you enroll in our discount plan.

Where can I find even lower cost No Insurance Dentist Near Me in El Paso TX

Below are some very affordable dental clinic in El Paso:

  1. Project Vida Dental Clinic. They provide dental services on a sliding scale depending on patient income and family size.
  2. Texas Tech Oral Health Clinic of El Paso. They provide low cost dental services in a dental school setting.
  3. Veteran Affairs Clinic. They may provide dental care to qualified veterans.