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No Dental Insurance? Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Plan Can Help. If You Have Insurance Click Here

Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Plan is perfect for someone without dental insurance and routine dental care. It is also perfect for someone who needs our In-House Payment Plans. It Contact us with any questions or to purchase the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about how Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Plan works, just contact us

How Much Can I Save With Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Saving Plan?

The saving is unlimited unlike dental insurances. You save 30% off our fee right away. There’s even special discounts for our Saving plan members on specialty procedures such as Braces and Implants

Unlimited Emergency Exams?

That’s right, if you ever have a dental emergency, we will check the issue for you for free while you have your membership plan active

What If My Plan expires?

If your plan expires, you will need to pay a $15 fee on top of the usual fee to re-activate the plan.

All X-Rays Included?

Yup, any X-Rays we need to take in office is included.

How Do I Purchase?

Simply click “contact us” below and drop us a message or call us and we will get you signed up! You can also sign up in office on the date you come in.

Still have questions?