Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Plans



2+ Person (family)


Maintenance plan


Additional Benefits

  • No Annual Benefit Maximum or Annual Deductible, can be used on same day as purchase.
  • Save 35% on most dental procedures
  • Entitles you to special discount and financing for specialty procedures such as implants and ortho
  • Please remember to use your benefits, it resets one year from the date of purchase.

If you have any questions about how Sun Ridge Smiles Dental Plan works, just contact us.

That’s right, if you ever have a dental emergency, we will check the issue for you for free while you have your membership plan active

Yup, any X-Rays we need to take in office is included.

A Dental Savings Plan is not insurance, which means you do not have to wait before receiving a service while insurance clears. Instead, it is an instant discount plan that saves you money on most procedures.

Exam, x-rays, and cleanings are covered office visits and regular cleanings, crowns and fillings, root canals, tooth extraction, and minor surgical procedures, braces and retainers, scaling and root planing, bridges, and dentures.

Absolutely! The plan is even more affordable per person when there’s 2 or more people on the plan.