Tricare Dentist El Paso, Texas

Sun Ridge Smiles is a Tricare Dentist in El Paso, Texas. At Sun Ridge Smiles, we are in network with Tricare because we are proud to serve active military and their loved ones. Your checkup and cleaning are fully covered.

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What Does Tricare Dental Insurance Cover When you choose a Tricare Dentist in El Paso, Texas?

Tricare Dental insurance covers a lot of procedures such as sealant, fluoride, exams and x-rays at 100%. Other procedures such as fillings, crowns, extractions, root canals, dental implants, are covered partially.

For exact benefits, please contact us and we can verify your insurance benefit for you free of charge.

To learn more about Tricare Dental Program and how to enroll, you can CLICK HERE to the TRICARE dental website.

Dental Services We Provide For Tricare Members

We provide comprehensive family dentistry for kids as young as 2 to the elderly. There’s a lot of military families here, and we provide most of the services you would need under one roof. Some of the most common services such as tooth extraction, fillings, cleaning, as well as some braces and implants are done in house at our office, saving you time and money.

We are commited to serving our brave and dedicated Military members and their loved ones. All our dentists are in-network with Tricare Dental. This include Tricare Prime, Tricare Select, and ADDP. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Tricare Dentist in El Paso, Texas

At Sun Ridge Smiles, as a Tricare Dentist El Paso, emergency and routine checkup are covered at 100% typically. Same goes for regular cleaning and fluoride treatment.

Tricare dental insurance usually covers braces up to a certain age and dental implants after a certain age. Please contact us and we can help you verify your coverage.

If you have issues with your wisdom tooth and you have Tricare, you are in luck. Tricare covers a portion of the cost of wisdom tooth extraction if you go to  an in-network dentist such as Sun Ridge Smiles. This makes it much more affordable. In addition, if our experienced general dentist perform the extraction for you, the fees are significantly lower than going to the specialists.