What Does Tricare Dental Insurance Cover

Tricare dental insurance actually covers a lot of dental procedures. Here’s a list of procedures that are covered dental benefit, the percent it typically covers, and the typical restrictions.

Dental Implant is covered by Tricare at 50% (up to annual limit, subject to certain restrictions)

Braces is covered by tricare at 50% (up to annual limit, subject to certain restrictions)

Covered at 60-70%

Root Canals

Tooth extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions

Covered at 80%

Covered at 100%

Dental Exams (Comprehensive, recall, or limited)


Regular Cleaning and fluoride

A few other things to consider:

  • Your rank matters! Theres a difference in benefits if your rank is E1-E4, or above.
  • Braces have an age limit
  • Certain procedures need to be preauthorized (ie. the dental office need to send a letter to the insurance company confirming that they will pay the contract portion, or you may owe a balance down the road)
  • Regular exam, cleaning, and flouride is fully covered!

For a full list, please visit the tricare dental benefits page. Insurance is complicated, if you are still confused after reading all these, you are not alone. Please call us at 915-308-1868 and we can help you navigate your benefits.

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